Saturday, September 22, 2007

Too many sparks of injustices in America

The sparks flew in the sixty when Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
was assassinated, many stores and homes burnt down after Black folks riot in the streets,
No Justice no peace!
Now in the twenty first century Hang men loops are hanging from the tree's in a small Southern town in Jena Louisianan.
Six young black boys are being sent up the river without a paddle or a life line after an allege beating of a white boy.
Black children hauled off too jail like a sack of potatoes after a fight that they did not start only after asking some white kids on a hot sultry simmering day can they sat under a tree for shade.
Hang men Loops hung from a tree a racist statement by any one means.
Still today we are still suffering and feeling the lashes from the whips of injustice that our ancestors had too endure.
I say too America if you are still too remain a great nation then Injustice by any means must not be tolerated
Stop the beatings , start the meetings, and let Freedom ring out from the bowels of the ghetto's, to the grassy hills of the white house to the Ivory luxury towers in the cumbering clouds, to the vast black holes in the universe and let Peace begin and we march out of Louisianans as the best of friends!


Beauty Turner said...

I think that this writer is great
she makes you feel her passion for the people.
Keep making blogs like this one.
Sara Knowles

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