Saturday, September 22, 2007

The more thing change; the more they stay the same

The windy city “Spark” letter from the Publisher
Mama use to say “The more things change the more they stay the same”

"The more things change the more things stay the same"
By: Ms. Beauty Turner

There were no welcome signs when we got off the boat, only hard metal steel chains
wrapped around our necks, waist, ankles, feet and our hands, there were funny dressed white men with puffy sleeves as well as some black ones standing over us with a long sharp bull whip ready to hit down on us, if we looked at them half way funny.
We didn’t get to see the clay pot green grand lady statue holding a torch symbolizing freedom and liberty and justice for all that are here in America.
The large amount of sweat that fell from our brow was from the heat as well as from being frighten in the belly of an unknown ship.
That must have distorted our vision or maybe it was the smell of rotten black corpses that made us sick to our stomachs as we took that long voyage from the dark continent of Africa.
Or just maybe the statue of Liberty wasn’t even created yet.
Still yet today the black man is still suffering and feeling the lashes the whips their pain of our ancestors who were made slaves here in America.
“’The more things change the more things stay the same,’” my mama use to say now I know what she mean.
In the civil rights days black folks, white folks, Baptists, Catholics, Jewish’s as well as protestants, and gentiles marched in the city streets trying to bring Clearly a human rights issue.
Big black and brown dogs with mean snarling faces and long sharp rusty yellow blood stained teeth latching onto little black and brown babies feet, as well as their teeth getting stuck in our nappy greasy hair, as well as them there dogs taking a plug out of our arms, when we was marching for our civil rights back in the early 60th and early 70th .
Even back then black folks were living in overcrowded shacks behind the railroad tracks with no running water, black smoky coal to heat your stoves if you had one.
Black folks were swollen and pregnant with poverty back then and guess what that economic engine still haven’t started up yet today here in the twenty first century.
Drinking at black and white only water fountains, using black and white only restrooms.
Signs hanging above a sink like a picture in a frame tacked to a wall reading clearly BLACK ONLY, WHITE ONLY.
Now in small southern towns, hang men nooses swinging, hanging, dangling from old oak trees,reading racism with every green leaf.
The more things change the more things stay the same.
Relocated residents from public housing are poor, devastated, underrated, and totally underestimated and are becoming homeless at the drop of a politicians hat behind this big ambitious CHA Transformation Plan.
Condominiums, Townhouses and Lofts are tipping the scale on the low end while extremely low affordable housing is being whacked off like a mob hit in the most vulnerable areas where public housing once stood.
Little black and brown babies as well as their mothers who are on welfare such as TANF,SSI, PENSION, FOODSTAMPS AND tax credits jobs are franticly searching for places to stay that they can afford, all while schools are closing while we the black man was dozing, oh what a different a day make.
Chicago is the experimental ground and guess who are the little gray mice that trying to get the cheese.
Still yet today white men dressed in blue pin stripes suits, with corporate briefcases and so called black leaders setting in high prioritizes places, still have their whips up in the air as they drain the system of us by putting strict criteria’s on us that they know that we can’t pass.
Otherwise doing what they did in the days of old keeping the poor in their so called places.
Just like mama said “The more things change the more they stay the same!”equality to the black man struggles.

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