Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beauty's Anti-War Speech

Ms. Beauty Turner
Anti-war speech
At-6 pm Federal Plaza
In Chicago.

This morning I woke up to a speech that made me shake and shiver, A speech that President Bush had wrote, a speech marking the anniversary of the fifth year in the war in Iraq.
It was a speech about because we acted,
In his speech he did not mention because we acted on a place that had proven not to have weapons of mass destruction- the so called real reason for the war. Was never mention.
Because he acted there are over 4000 American soldiers that have lost their lives.
Because he acted there are over 30,0000 wounded American soldiers men and women where many of them only went to the
Army because they were poor and racked with poverty couldn’t afford a quality education.
There’s over a million Iraqi people who have lost their life’s.
And many more are dying as I speak!

Because he acted the American people are in an economic downfall, a Katrina type world wind that is drowning us in heavy debt! we are losings our homes to demolitions and foreclosures.
We are losing our jobs like a two year old is losing his or her baby teeth. One at a time .
In my community we are still picking cotton a piece of lint out the base of our pocket-with no real opportunity to fuel our economic engine due to a recession.
Trillions of American dollars are being dumped in an open pit never to be retrieved..
Yet America is no better off than the day they started the war.
Our babies in my community is scared with terror out of their minds while walking and being shot down like rabbi dogs right here on American soil while going to American schools basically because of a lack of resources,
Health care there is none, funding for school, there is none, funding for housings there is none- because he acted!
Stop this war and bring our troops home!
Change is a word that is often used in the political arena.
The word Change is being thrown around like loose cooper pennies in every direction. But in order to Change this trend of an unjust war-
Change will come and it will come "because we acted" from the power of the people!

All power to the people!

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