Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Journey to Justice

Our Journey to Justice
By; Ms. Beauty Turner

"We shall overcome,are lyrics that I heard many years ago,
during the civil right movement as a small child, those
verses, and lyrics still lingers in my head like sweet poperie in the air,
and the taste for freedom still linger on my breath like sweet potatoes pie.
Every word that I speak toward freedom is like a breath of fresh air and a colorful bouquet of roses.
"How sweet it is!"

“We shall overcome one day!”
But yet we who are baby boomers, who were mere children in the early fifties and in the early sixties, the time of a struggle for civil rights and change.
When the loaves of brown bread were being baked, split-up hand out and given away by the slices , by those who led the movement. we were mere youth.
We as children, innocent as we may be, looked up with our big brown , sad eyes that glowed at every accomplishments at those who were the fuel in the economic engine that drove the civil rights movement to new heights .
We sung, we danced, we marched and we bleed in the streets from dog bites and from billy clubs striking us like Ernie Banks hitting a homerun, from those who took an oath to serve and protect us !
Chicago finest on our journey to justice!
Now in the twenty first century in a new millennium we are faced with the same types of problems that we thought that we had overcome.

Nooses in a tree, we as a people still are not yet free!
Today in the new Millennium we find ourselves reaching out for just the mere crumbs of what the civil rights movement left behind; none put away for the future generations.

We find ourselves back on the same path as we did in the Civil Rights days, a path laced with injustices. People, politicians and preachers that is bathes in the same colored as we are have sold us out like Black slave catchers, that hit us with the leather bull whip harder than any white slave master.

We who are black are being barricaded , locked out and forced out of a city and pushed out in a wheel barrel like used up derbies and laid by the side of the road, like road kill, when it comes to housings, jobs, and a pursuit of happiness.
We need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and begin again on our journey to justice.
Our Journey to Justice can not be deterred by those who have their hands in the cookies jars of despaired!
Our journey to justice can not be turned around and derailed by those who don’t know what freedom is!
Here in the twenty first century forty years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched on the crumbling , cracked up pavement in the windy city streets of Chicago for housings, education and jobs. Can we as a people lay down and be stepped on.
We need to be like gum, crazy glue , stuck on the issues and never giving up on us!
For our poor black babies, our poor white babies, and our poor red, and yellow babies deserve a future.

As a baby boomer who were raised in the time of change , who understood our journey to justices I will not wither, I will not sway, and I will not fall, but stand tall and stay on the battle fields for justice!

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