Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hush Little Black Girl- By Ms. Beauty Turner

“Hush little Black girl”
By: Ms. Beauty Turner

“Mama was from the country, born and raised on a farm, she knew about the Klan men and all the blacks they harmed.” She told me about the lynching them hanging Blacks from a tree,. “But mama if I don’t speak up we will never be free!”
“Hush little Black girl,” is what my mama said to me.
But mama if I stay silent how can I become all that I can be? “Hush little Black girl don’t you say another word, I know what you are thinking and it can lead to no good.” Mama, I use to say, just believe in me and pray, a change is going to come even for Blacks one sunny day, ‘If you go on speaking child, you will make white folks mad, and for other colored folks you might even make it bad!” Mama for slavery this world has to pay and that’s for real that is not for play! They bought our ancestors here in the bowels of ships, and when they cried out they were beat with whips! They were bonded with chains and banned from books to improve their brains and we are still feeling their lashes their whips their pain!”
They are taking all of our jobs away, and treating us like cats putting us out to stray! “They are taking all of our homes one at a time, treating us like being poor is a national crime.”
They are locking us up, putting us in jail, branding us with social issues, and social ill’s.
They took Anna May’s children and given them to the State, So I’m asking you mama how much longer much we wait?”
It’s the twenty first century and it is getting worse, so I say what I believe in from my birth to my hearse!”
‘At least you can say my child was strong when she look America in the eye and say DAM you’re wrong!”
I will keep on talking until freedom ring and all of God’s angels come out of the Heaven and sing!”
As sure as the earth be fertilized and her belly swell’s with seeds ,I speaking up for the next generation that just a fact a need!”
With all of the pain that Blacks have had to endure, Let Freedom and Justice ring from the crust of the earth, and Freedom and Justice be the twin babies that she birth!”

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