Friday, February 15, 2008

God's eyes is on the sparrow

Ms. Beauty Turner
Founder of Poor People Millennium Movement

Americans poor people are locked down inside ghettos of material privatizing and spiritual debilitation , just like the late Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said. And all of us can almost feel the presence of a kind of social insanity that will erupt like a volcano into a lava of acid that will devour the land with violence and destruction.
Examples: Fights breaking out in school yards like Hyde Park ,Wendell Phillips, Englewood, Dunbar, and others.
Gun shots being sprayed out of a revolver like raid in a roach infested project apartment.
Even in areas that was once consider sacred Ivy League colleges,
(Columbine ) (NIU,) Chicago University.
We need to ask ourselves what are we doing wrong as a society,
when young people are afraid to go to school and receive a quality education because they are being gunned down by their lockers, we as a society needs to ask ourselves what is being done that created this state of mind.
Instead of using an automate weapon a book, that can uplift ones mind to a higher plane, a higher level, their choice of weapons today are becoming guns that can only cause despair.
Words like hope and care, and compassion doesn’t even enter into our children Webster dictionaries.

which could lead to national ruin. The true responsibility for the existence of these deplorable conditions lies ultimately with the larger society and much of the immediate responsibility for removing the injustices can be laid directly at the door of the federal government.
We who are in the city of big shoulders are resting on a slanted messed up attitude that every thing is okay.
We as a nation is facing a morale dilemma, that threaten every grain of soils that makes up our so called great America.
If America which to remain a great nation they must address the agonizing suffering of the poor. And than and only than can they lift their voices and sing in the purist of harmony and unity and reclaim what is rightfully our-Our home sweet home! The land of the free and the land of the brave, and liberty and justice for (ALL)

We need economic justice in the poorest of community a massive surge of jobs with livable salaries, as well as housing for the poor.
We who have lived in the bowels of the ghetto’s, in the crust of the barrios and down in the valley are lifting our voices in unity today.
And saying- Do the right thing!
For God’s eyes are on the sparrow and he sees all!

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