Thursday, December 11, 2008

Voters illing in Illinois after 3 Governors indicted

The ill state of Illinois Affairs
By; Ms. Beauty Turner

We living in an ill State of affairs, when we as a people can no longer trust the ones that we have elected ,to take care of our State.
By now the people of Illinois should be tried and sick too their stomachs, from the ill state of minds of Illinois politics, once again another politicians , another Governor is being marched down to the slammer in handcuffs,
Accused of trying to sell the vacant, United States, Senate seat that President Elect Barack Obama once occupied , briefly . like death comes in threes so does indictments in Illinois....
I could imagine Governor Rod Blagojevich, standing in front of the Congress behind a pulpit during a news conference with his small brown hammer auctioning off the senate seat , with each strike against the desk, his thick brownish, black, wavy, curly, hair swings, like the legs on Elvis Presley dancing to a beat.
I could hear his southern voice, crackling like fried chicken, swimming in hot grease, anticipating the sound of crispy green thousand's of dollars bills, being laid in his lap, just that thought along makes his voice echo out these words.
“I have here in my power a slightly used Senate seat, barely been sit in, it comes with power, prestiges, comfort and it's a soft cushion type of a job.
Do I hear $50,000.? Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. allegedly was the first one to bite.
(Imaginary only)
He waves a small sign with number 5 on it.”I got five on it,” Congressman Jesse Jr. (fictionally) said in his baby voice.
I could imagine Governor Rod in the imaginary mold of thinking, and losing all touch with reality, he under the impression thinking seriously that he's is hearing an applaud, “No applaud please, no pat on the back, show no appreciation, just throw money please! “Do I hear a half of million dollars?
Once again Jesse allegedly waves his number 5 sign.
The sound that the Governor hears in reality is the clink from the gray, steel, bars and the silver handcuffs that wraps around his wrist like a bracelet.
When will we the American people say no more,.we can no longer watch the cancerous, festering, swollen, red sores of ignorants, an injustice run over and corrupt what we deserve meaning a better way of life for the people.
We need an oversight committee,a committee of American people to monitor our politicians, plus they the politicians needs to be tested for drugs, at least once every two months.
Two other Governors lied to the people and told them that they would give us hope, and that they wanted reform, and each one of them walked away with the people cookie jars.
This Governor who was young, with energy, with a thick head of curly hair or a to pay,a southern preacher voice,preaching hope, to the people as well, but if the accusations are true that the Federal agents have against him- all I can say is-

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